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Our Hotspots Are Waiting For You

Please Visit Them!

You will find our Hotspots quietly waiting for you in various locations of Amador City, Fiddletown, Ione, Kirkwood, Martell, Pine Grove, Pioneer, Plymouth, Volcano, and even in Calaveras County!

For your convenience, we have prepared a flyer with locations that you can print and take with you while you're on the go.

Whether you are a Volcano Internet Provider subscriber or just visiting, we want to help you get connected. Click here for step-by-step instructions.



Is Your Internet Speed A Little Sluggish?

A Better Internet Experience Awaits You

What moves faster than the Internet? The changes in Internet industry! It can be challenging trying to keep up with all the new products that are driven by the internet. Today, with more devices being used in the home and with the rising popularity of streaming TV, could it be that your current level of internet service needs a boost? We can take care of that!

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Better Wi-Fi Means More Possibilities

We've Got You Covered...

Volcano provides you with a Gateway that covers your whole home with fast, reliable Wi-Fi when you upgrade to our New and Improved Managed Wi-Fi Gateway now with mesh available!

Fed up with dead spots, constant buffering, and endless reboots?

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We Have Great News!

 We Are Now Offering 24/7/365 Internet Technical Support!

Volcano Internet Provider (VIP) is now offering technical support by phone 24/7/365 to our subscribers. You can call us anytime to speak to a trained technician about issues you are having with your VIP internet service or your VIP managed Wi-Fi service. Just call us direct at 209-296-7574 from the comfort of your home.

Please note that VIP cannot support third-party Wi-Fi routers due to the large variations of manufacturer’s equipment and the ever-expanding number of customer provided devices such as smartphones, tablets, thermostats, monitoring cameras and a host of other products on the market today.

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Make TV Time Your "Family Time"

VolcanoVision Wants Yours To Have The Best 

Imagine for a moment that, as of tomorrow, your television set stopped working. Television is still high on the charts as one of America’s preferred forms of entertainment. Television is your “go-to” thing when you want to escape reality or the day-to-day hustle and bustle of balancing work, home, and play. Television triggers imagination, encourages education and gathers millions around common interests.

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Get The Scoop From Our Internet Group

We were asked...

"Do you have any suggestions on how to get my internet browser to work more efficiently?"

And here is our answer...

Yes, there are some simple things which may improve your browsing experience. The specific steps will vary depending on which browser you use - do a Google search on your browser and version. Try some of these basics:

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Coming To Terms - What Does.........Mean?

An Internet Glossary At Your Fingertips



We hear these words more frequently these days but do we really know their meaning? As a subscriber of WebsiteCompass, the world's #1 Internet magazine, we've provided a link to a section of their quarterly magazine that contains an extensive glossary of words used in the Internet world of things. Click here to explore and learn more.


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