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Single Volcano Bill!

Customers of Volcano Communications Group can have all of their services conveniently bundled into a single billing statement. This service allows for an easy to read format that minimizes the number of checks you need to write each month. 

Here's a detailed look at your bill

Combine into a Single Bill
If you already have an account with Volcano Telephone, we can combine your Volcano Vision and Volcano Internet bills onto your existing Volcano Telephone invoice.  Please call our business office at (209) 296-7502 if you would like to take advantage of this offer. Our customer service representatives will request your main phone number in addition to your VolcanoVision and Volcano Internet Provider account numbers.

Your New Volcano Vision Account Number
If you have Volcano Vision service, you will notice that your VolcanoVision account number starts with a 002 prefix. This looks like a phone number, but here’s how it works:

If you choose not to take advantage of our single bill option, please be sure to include the account number on every check you send. If you are using your bank’s pay-online feature, please make sure to update your VolcanoVision account number.

Checks should be made payable to “Volcano Telephone Company”.  Please include the main (209) phone number somewhere on the check to help us process.  If you only have Volcano Vision, please write your 002 account number on your check.


Save time, gas and a stamp - Pay online or with Autopay
You may pay online using Ebill, making either a one-time payment, or setting up an automatic withdrawal from your credit card or bank account. Go to our Ebill Help page for more information. Or, if you prefer not to use Ebill, no worries...Call our business office at (209) 296-7502 to set up Autopay.

Save a tree – Go paperless!
If you use Ebill, login and go to the Options section and edit your account settings to say "No" to paper bills. Click here for step by step help.

If you are not an Ebill user, you can still do away with your paper bill from Volcano. Call our business office at (209) 296-7502 and ask to be put in the “no-print” group. If you choose this option please make sure you sign up for Autopay first!

Save money – with Bundles!
Perhaps most important in this economy is saving money.  You can save $10 to $20 each month when you choose to have your Internet, Video and Long Distance from Volcano.


Call our business office at (209) 296-7502 to learn how you can start saving today!


Have Questions? Read the Bill FAQ.

Which is my VolcanoVision account number?
It should look like a telephone number but start with 002.

I live in 209 area code, why does my VolcanoVision bill say 002?
We use 002 to indicate that it is a VolcanoVision account.  If you also have our internet service, you will notice the account number begins with 001, to indicate a Volcano Internet Provider account.

I already pay online through my bank.
Perfect.  But please make sure your online banking service is updated to include your new VolcanoVision account number.

How is Ebill different than Autopay?
Ebill is an online system that allows you to pay your bill with a one-time payment, or you can set up automatic payments from your credit card or bank account. Go to the Ebill Help page for more information.

If you prefer to not have your financial information online, or do not use Ebill, Autopay is the way to go. With Autopay, you complete a form at our office, then on the 22nd of each month we automatically charge the current amount of your Volcano bill to your credit card or deduct it from your checking account.

Do I have to have Volcano Telephone service for bundles?
No, if you live in Ione,  Camanche or Pine Acres you can still save $10 a month by bundling video and internet services.

I’d take your High Definition Service but I’m stuck in a contract with my satellite provider.
No problem! VolcanoVision will credit you up to $200 on your new VolcanoVision service to help with the cost of getting out of your satellite contract.  Please call the business office and ask about our Satellite Buyout program.