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Calling Features

Custom Calling Feature Monthly Rates

Enhanced calling features make your communications experience more convenient, quicker, and more organized.
  Residential Business
Call Waiting $4.00 $6.65
Call Forwarding $2.65 $4.00
Speed Calling $2.65 $4.65
Speed Calling $4.65 $6.65
Three Way Calling $4.00 $6.65

Service Charges - Non-recurring

New Service, each line $16.75
Move & Change, each order $13.00
Central Office Connection work, per line $28.00
Premises visit charge $74.75
Reconnect for nonpayment $22.50
Returned check charge, each $20.00

Other Charges

Off-Premises Extension

(Where terminals are in different buildings on the same continuous property)
Each 1/4 mile or fraction thereof $1.75

Off-Premises Extension

(Where terminals are in different buildings on non-continuous property)
Each 1/4 mile or fraction thereof $3.00
Each additional 1/4 mile or fraction thereof $1.75

Directory Listings

Primary service listings No Charge
Additional listings & lines of information $.50
Non-published service No Charge

Local Directory Assistance

Each direct dialed call, after free call allowance, is $0.50 cents. If you notify the 411 operator at the beginning of your request, you may request up to 3 listings within our Service Area per call.

Note: The Federal Communications Commission is responsible for authorizing interstate access charges. The monthly charge for residential customers and businesses with a single access line is $6.50. The charge for businesses with multiple access lines is $9.20. Federal Communications Commission, Informal Complaints and Public Inquiries Branch, Enforcement Division, Common Carriers Bureau, Washington D.C. 20554, (202) 632-7553.