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Notice to our Customers

In order to better protect our employees as well as you, our customers during this uncertain time of pandemic, please note that the Pine Grove Business office will be temporarily closed to walk-in traffic until further notice.

 The office Foyer will be open for equipment exchanges and payment/paperwork exchanges.  If face to face interaction is absolutely necessary, please call to make arrangements first.  Please be aware that only one customer at a time will be allowed in the Office so please wait in the Foyer until it’s your turn, while maintaining effective Social Distance as recommended by the CDC.  https:www.cdc.gov

There are both a drop box and a drop slot available for payments and equipment in the office Foyer.  Please note: no change will be given for cash payments.  The entire amount of the cash payment will be applied to your account and we will mail you a receipt

Additionally, equipment such as cable tv set tops and/or remotes and internet modems and/or routers can be dropped off in the Foyer and replacement equipment will be available after making prior arrangement.

For the foreseeable future we will still be conducting installations and necessary repairs.  At the time of scheduling appointments, please inform Volcano personnel if you or any one present in the home or office is experiencing flu-like symptoms or has been out of the country in the last two weeks.  Please apply Social Distancing guidelines while the technician is in your home or office.  We respectfully ask this so that we can continue to function and keep the network operational.

For your own health and ours, whenever possible, please conduct business from the safety of your own home.  We know that working together we can try to help keep EVERY one healthy and safe.