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  • Enroll on your own at the Ebill site. You will need your account number and Enrollment Token from your latest bill.
  • Drop by our office, or give us a call at 209-296-7502 and we can get you enrolled.

Enroll in the new Volcano Ebill Site

  1. Go to the Volcano Ebill site and then click the Enroll Now button.

  2. Complete the form. You'll need your Volcano Account number, Enrollment Token (found at the top of your latest bill), your Email address, and a password.

    Your account number is a ten digit number found at the top of each page of your bill.

    The Enrollment token is a nine character string of letters.

    Here is where you will find your account number and enrollment token on your bill. The account number and last three letters of the enrollment token are hidden in the image below.

  3. Once you have enrolled, you will see this screen alerting you that an email has been sent to you with activation instructions. Wait a few minutes, and then go check your email.