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Notice to Our Customers: the business office in Pine Grove is open to walk-in customers. Vaccinated individuals no longer need face coverings. It is recommended that those who are not vaccinated continue to wear face coverings. Please continue social distancing until further notice. We appreciate your patience during this past year!

Resize User Help Guides Email

Find out about email features, how to set up your email account, and about Volcano Webmail.

Troubleshooting Volcano Internet service

Troubleshooting steps for DSL, cable modem, and fixed wireless internet services. DSL and cable modem and router descriptions and wiring diagrams.


Learn about how to avoid viruses, trojans, and other types of malware, and what to do if you get infected.

Spam Help

Information about spam, how to reduce the amount of spam you get, and how to use the Volcano Webmail spam filter.

Home Networking and Wireless Security

There are many things you do with a home network...find out about some options in this guide. A wireless network can be a security concern, so find out steps you can take to protect yourself.