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If you have any questions or problems connecting to a Volcano Hotspot, please give us a call.

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Connecting to a Volcano Hotspot

Connecting to a Volcano hotspot is a fairly simple process, requiring just a few easy steps. After connecting to the hotspot and creating your account, you will have full unrestricted access to the internet. Here are the steps in a nutshell.

  • Establish a wireless connection to the hotspot
  • Open a browser
  • Create a Volcano Hotspot account and make payment.

That's it! After making your payment, you will be online and surfing the internet at broadband speeds!

If you are already a Volcano Internet customer, you can login to the hotspot at no charge with your current Volcano Internet username and password. Go back to the Login screen and enter your information.


Step by Step Instructions

Establish Wireless Connection to a Public Hotspot

Instructions to connect to wireless hotspot would differ depending on the computer operating system or the type of device you are using. However the basic steps would be the same. The device would need to detect the SSID of the hotspot, and you would then connect your device to the hotspot.

The SSID (Service Set Identifier) is used to identify wireless access points. Wireless access points, such as the Volcano Hotspots, broadcast their SSID so that compatible devices can detect the wireless signal. The SSID of an access point is displayed by a computer or device in the wireless configuration.


Windows 7 or 8

  • Click Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click Change Adapter Settings in the left hand section.
  • Right click the Wireless Network Connection icon -> Connect / Disconnect.

    If the Connect / Disconnect choice is not shown, you may need to enable the wireless adapter. Click Enable from the right click menu.
  • Select the Volcano hotspot SSID that appears in the list and click Connect. For instance, the name of the wireless hotspot at Pine Grove Park is “Volcano-VIP-14”. No encryption settings are needed and your device will take a few seconds to connect to the radio.


Creating Hotspot account and Payment

  • Open a browser, such as Internet Explorer and the following login page will appear.

  • Click the "Pay as you go" link.

    If you have already created an account, your browser should log in to the hotspot automatically, however if this doesn't happen, you can just enter the username and password that you created when the account was orignally set up.
  • The Billing Information page will display so you can set up your Volcano Hotspot account and enter your payment information.

    To create a new account, enter your billing and personal information, create a username and password and choose the length of service. Service can be ordered for 1 day @ $4.95, 7 days @ $19.95, or 31 days @ $39.95.

    Click Process after completing the form.

  • An page will appear allowing you to enter your payment information. is a payment gateway service provider providing a secure internet connection between businessess and credit card and electronic payment processing networks.
  • After payment is made, the following screen will appear.

    Like it says, you will be redirected back to the first login page after 10 seconds, or you can click the link to go back to the login page.

    You can then type in the username and password that you just created and click the "Login" button.

  • After logging in, a message telling you that you are logged in will display. Just like it says, if nothing happens click the "here" link.
  • The browser home page will appear, and you will then have full access to the internet.

After creating your Volcano Hotspot account, you can access any of the Volcano Hotspot access points for the duration of your account. Simply establish a wireless connection to the access point, open your browser and login.