Reasons To Keep Your Landline Phone

When traditional services go out due to power outages to your home or business, as long as the phone lines themselves are not down, your copper-wired phone will work when the lights are out, provided the instrument used does not require power itself. Keeping a standard, corded phone available can be a lifeline simply by hooking it up to a phone jack. For businesses, this may be the line that supports your fax machine.

Your corded landline phone will usually continue to work even if the power goes out. There are many reasons other than power outages why keeping your traditional phone services is the most reliable source of communication. 

Every month, more and more people are cancelling their traditional landline home phone service in favor of using their cell phone as their only phone provider. The convenience of always being able to be reached in the event of an emergency, as well as only having one phone number to give out, has won over many people trying to simplify their lives. People are also relying on new phone technologies such as Voice over Internet Protocol, to provide the home phone instead of the traditional landline. But these are not foolproof. A traditional landline home phone is still valuable to the average household.

You may want to think twice about giving up your landline because you feel it is not necessary when a cellular connection is all you need. Well, there are some very important factors to consider before you make that decision. Did you know that your landline phone, at home or at the office, is directly connected to the 911 telephone network - allowing emergency agencies to locate you even if you are unable to speak when you place the call. Currently, most cellular phones do not have the capability to help authorities find you in case of an emergency.

Other factors include...


  • • Privacy - Unlike cellular phones, which use radio frequencies from which calls can be easily intercepted, you can be assured of privacy when calling from your landline phone. Eavesdroppers using simple devises, such as scanners or even other cell phones, can intercept analog radio waves that carry wireless calls.
  • • Reliability - Traditional phone service offers the highest quality voice transmissions. Even with advances in technology, wireless phones are known for poor signal quality and unreliable coverage areas. And, as more people begin using wireless phones, the call volumes on the wireless networks can exceed the existing capacity, resulting in more "failed call attempts."
  • • Cost - Every local call you make or receive, regardless of the time of day, is included with your landline charge, and long distance plans can be selected to fit your specific calling needs. You may want to inquire about Volcano Telephone Company's Unlimited Long Distance calling plan. Compare that with the confusing array of wireless calling plans that can charge up to 50 cents per minute per call if you go over your monthly allotment of minutes. And, don't forget the added cost of roaming charges, batteries and other accessories needed to use a typical wireless phone and fees that you might have to pay to change wireless companies. Last but not least, whether you are in the market to purchase or upgrade your wireless phone, or change wireless companies, you may find yourself getting caught up in a 1 to 2 year contract each time one of these transactions take place.
  • • Customer Satisfaction - Traditional phone service offers extras, such as listings in the white pages and/or yellow pages of the local phone directory and listing with directory assistance. Also, hearing impaired customers can easily use TTY services to make and receive landline calls, a service not typically available on wireless systems.

When all factors are considered, it is a good choice to have a traditional telephone line for added reliability, quality, security and satisfaction. A balanced choice is often the best one - a combination of landline and wireless phone use may be the right choice for you.

Volcano Telephone Company strives to maintain exceptional telephone service to all its customers. We thank you for helping us in keeping the lines of communication open.