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Repair FAQ

Information on reporting cable TV repair
issues and avoiding damaging cable TV lines.


I'm having problems with my picture. What do I do?

Cable TV Troubleshooting 101

I'm having problems with my picture. What can I do?
There are a number of things that can cause your TV picture quality to not be its best. Try the following recommendations to improve your picture quality.

  • Use your channel lineup card to verify that the selected channel offers programming.
  • Make sure your TV is on channel 2 or 4.
  • Tighten all cable connections.
  • Verify that the Cable/VCR selection on your VCR is set to cable.
  • Make sure there is not an antenna connected to the VHF terminals on the back of your TV.

If after trying these basic troubleshooting steps, your picture still is not displayed properly, please read the troubleshooting guide for the set top box you have.

Click the image of your set top box.

Standard SetupBoxes

DCT6200 - PDF 482KB

DCH3200 - PDF 289KB

DCX700 - PDF 289KB

With HDTV and DVR

What is the repair phone number?

What is the repair phone number?
Pine Grove, Pioneer, West Point
(209) 296-2280
(209) 258-2280
Ione, Camanche, Buena Vista
(209) 274-2660

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