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Services FAQ

This tutorial is designed to assist you with any questions you may have about your high-definition cable service. If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to phone the office at (209) 296-2288 or (209) 274-2660


How do I order cable service?

To order VolcanoVision cable TV service in our Upcountry service areas,

please visit our office in Pine Grove.

Volcano Vision
20000 Hwy 88
Pine Grove CA

If you live in the Ione/Camanche area, come
by our office in downtown Ione.

Ione Office
24 W Main St
Ione CA

Do I need a new TV for VolcanoVision All-Digital Cable?

No. analog televisions work well with VolcanoVision All-Digital TV service. As long as you are using a VolcanoVision digital tuner (set-top box), your current TV will work and you will receive programming. You do not need to purchase a new television to subcribe to VolcanoVision.

However, in order to receive the full quality and best experience of High-Definition programming from VolcanoVision, you will need an HD TV.

Does Volcano have TiVo?

No. However, TiVo brand equipment will work with VolcanoVision All-Digital TV. All you will need for the newer versions of TiVo is a Cable Card that will allow it to communicate with our cable system. Older versions of TiVo will require set top boxes. VolcanoVision will rent you either a Cable Card or set-top box for a small monthly fee.

VolcanoVision offers Digital Video Recorders (DVR) that have many of the same functions as a TiVo, allowing you to record, rewind, and pause live TV. In addition, VolcanoVision provided DVRs are fully supported and are the only equipment required. Click the link above for more information about VolcanoVision All-Digital TV DVRs

If you are considering purchasing a TiVo, take a look at the comparison chart below to see how much money you could save by going with a VolcanoVision DVR.



VolcanoVision DVR

Initial Cost

TiVo service charges Varies
($15+/month or lifetime)
Volcano Cable Card or set-top fee $2.99 - $4.48 $10.95

What is theft of service?

Any unauthorized person who intercepts or receives communications provided over a cable system may be penalized under the Federal Cable Act. This includes the theft of audio, video, textual data, or any other service. The law applies to manufacturers and distributors of equipment as well as to individuals.

Parties found guilty of cable theft are subject to both civil and criminal penalites. In addition, if the violations are willful and create financial gain or commercial advantage, the guilty party can receive fines of up to $100,000 and up to five years in prison.

VolcanoVision takes cable theft seriously because when people receive cable services without paying, it's our honest customers who have to foot the bill.

What are the Digital Music channels about?

Digital Music is a great benefit of VolcanoVision and hard to appreciate until you've had the experience. It offers a collection of commercial-free, CD quality music stations programmed by category - from 70's rock to jazz; from classical to country. It's all there. Best of all, the digital cable receiver is specifically designed to hook up to your stereo or stereo TV, delivering CD-quality sound that sets the perfect mood for any occasion.

What if I move?

Before you move, call VolcanoVision and let us know where you are moving. If you are moving within our service area, we will be happy to transfer your current service to your new residence so that you can continue enjoying VolcanoVision in your new home.

If you are moving outside of the VolcanoVision service area you will be required to return your equipment. To avoid penalty, all equipment such as cable boxes, converters and remote controls must be returned to us in good working order.

end faq