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Complete Home Wi-Fi Network Security And Control With One App

Enjoy the ultimate in home Wi-Fi network security and control and let us be your trusted provider in providing you with the reliability, functionality, the tools and expertise to manage your home network.

Know You Will Have Peace Of Mind With:

• Internet network security

• Managing your network users’ controls

• Changing and creating passwords and SSIDs

• Monitoring your connected devices

This is just the beginning - with two flexible products, we're sure one is just right for you!


Introducing the VolcanoBlast WiFi app!  For the casual user who wants reliability, convenience, and improved service, we offer VolcanoBlast WiFi Essentials and for the more demanding aficionado, we offer our newest, VolcanoBlast WiFi +.  VolcanoBlast WiFi + is a powerful and dynamic solution that enhances and optimizes your home Wi-Fi experience.


Model # 844E Model # U6
If you have this device, click here.       

        If you have this device, click here.     


  WiFi Essentials WiFi +
  GigaCenter / Model # 844E GigaSpire /Model # U6
WiFi Version WiFi 5 WiFi 6
VolcanoBlast WiFi Support Minimal x  
VolcanoBlast WiFi Support Enhanced   x
Suite Support   x
Coverage 2300 sq ft 3500 sq ft
Voice Support Yes Yes
Bandwidth Test No Yes
Price $4.95/mo. $9.95/mo.
  FREE w/50Mbps or higher  $5.00/mo. w/50Mbps or higher
Suites Support and Pricing    
Network Security No Protect IQ Included at no charge
Basic Parental Controls Yes Enhanced Controls $3.00/mo.
SmartThings No TBD
*Voice service can be supported by the ONT - 715 or GigaPoint