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Use your laptop or any Wi-Fi (802.11n) enabled handheld device to connect to any Volcano Internet Wi-Fi hotspot located in Amador and Calaveras counties.

We have placed our hotspots in convenient locations so that you can always get to the online information you need.

Find the hotspot closest to you from our ever growing list of Wi-Fi hotspot Locations.


Pay as You Go - Hotspot Rates (For the General Public) 

If you are not a Volcano Internet subscriber, you can pay a one time fee and connect to any Volcano Internet Wi-Fi hotspot located in Amador and Calaveras counties.

Up to three devices can be used per account.

Current rates
24 Hours $4.95
7 Days $19.95
31 Days $39.95

Free for Volcano Broadband Users

Volcano Broadband users can connect to any Volcano hotspot Free of Charge! Login with your Volcano username and password.

Up to three devices can be used per account.

Need some help?

Step-by-Step instructions for connecting to a Volcano Hotspot

Map of current Hotspots

For your convenience while you are out and about, we have prepared a flyer with our hotspot locations. Click here for a printable version.


List of current hotspots

Amador County Fiddletown (Downtown)
Ione Howard Park
Pardee Lake Marina
Kirkwood Caples Lake Boat Launch
Carson Pass Ranger Station
Kirkwood Inn
Kirkwood PUD
Martell Amador County Airport
Safeway / Game Stop (in front of AutoZone)
Savemart Shopping Center
Pine Grove Mike Clark Field (Upper Ridge Rd.)
Pine Grove Elementary School (outdoor use)
Pine Grove Park
Volcano Main Office (Indoor)
Pioneer Amador Ranger Dist. (Silver Dr.)
Bear River Lake Resort
Bear River Summer Homes
Cook’s Station
Kay's Boat Launch
Pioneer Elementary School (outdoor use)
Plasses Resort / Silver Lake
Plymouth Amador Flower Farm (Shenandoah School Rd.)
Deaver Vineyards (Steiner Rd.)
Volcano Near Armory Hall
Calaveras County Glencoe (parking area near Ridge Rd. to Rail Road Flat and Hwy 26 intersection near old Swiss Three-Way Cafe)
Glencoe (lower Dorray Rd. at intersection of Hwy 26 and lower Dorray Rd.)
Rail Road Flat (near the Town Hall parking area, near the Rail Road Flat School)
West Point Elementary School (outdoor use)
West Point (parking area in front of the West Point Veteran Memorial Bldg, across Hwy 26 from the West Point Community Covenant Church)
West Point (parking area at Dollar General store on Hwy 26)
Wilseyville (in the parking area in front of the Post Office near the Old General Store)
Wilseyville (located at the helicopter landing pad on Associated Office Rd. and North Railroad Flat Rd.)